Crawfordsville Athenians 1911 State Champs

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Since the early history of Indiana basketball is centered in Crawfordsville, Crawfordsville has come to be called, “the cradle of Indiana basketball.”  The first recorded basketball game played in Crawfordsville was in 1894 between the Crawfordsville YMCA and the Lafayette YMCA.  Crawfordsville High School began competing as a high school team in 1900-01.  Since in those early years there were few high schools playing basketball, Crawfordsville High School often played club teams or college teams.   Although the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) did not sponsor or recognize a state high school basketball tournament until 1911, Crawfordsville High School claimed state championships in 1904-05, in 1905-06, and in 1909-10 based on their won-loss records.  Crawfordsville, coached by David Glascock, won the first IHSAA sanctioned state tournament in 1911.