Linden Bulldogs

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 Linden High School began playing inter-school basketball in 1907, one year after the school opened.  The size of Linden High School in those days can be estimated by the size of the graduating classes.  In both 1906 and 1907 there were six graduates at Linden High School.  The high school building did not include a gymnasium until an addition was added to the school in 1928 which included a gym that would seat 250 people.  Between 1906 and 1928 Linden’s basketball teams practiced outdoors and at an abandoned local factory building.  Scheduled games with other schools were played at the Romney High School gym, about five miles north of Linden, and at the YMCA gym located in the Terminal Building in Crawfordsville.  Linden’s basketball team adopted the name Bulldogs sometime in the 1920′s when other schools in the county began adopting mascots/team names.  Linden High School was closed in 1971 when North Montgomery County High School was opened.